Classic German Shepherds
Old Fashioned, Traditional, Large, Straight Back
Welcome To Classic German Shepherds
We are located in Milwaukee County, WI. We are a small hobby breeder interested in the preservation and improvement of the traditional, old fashioned, large boned, straight back, working lines, German Shepherd Dogs that originated in Europe. We do not breed for the conformation show ring. We breed the tradition, straight back German Shepherds for family companions, personal protection, service or therapy dogs.

They are "straight backed", in reference to the excessive slope of some
American show dogs and the roaching of some German show dogs. They are
called Old Fashioned Straight Back German Shepherds.

They are highly intelligent, easy to train, calm but active, very social and protective when they need to be. "Old Style German Shepherds"make wonderful family pets and take their role very seriously as a valued family member.

Our " Old Style German Shepherds Puppies" are not available as breeding
or security dogs but as loving, loyal companions. Athletic but not high
drive; they make terrific family dogs, SAR, therapy and service dogs.

We do health testing on our dogs to ensure our puppies are as healthy as possible.


Expected colors are Black & Tan and Solid White!
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"The man who rears a dog must complete what the breeder began". The breeder can indeed lay the foundations of a good and serviceable dog but the owner must see to it that he brings to their highest possible development, the physical and mental foundations already laid and thus he has the most gratifying task. German Shepherds thrive on human interaction within the family and are very cautious of strangers. They do not like being left alone for long periods of time. Respect, firmness, love and praise in equal amounts are needed to train German shepherds.

All of my German Shepherd puppies are Family raised (NOT KENNEL raised). Our puppies are BORN INSIDE our home, are well socialized.

Please contact me if you are interested a puppy:
Please use the contact us page or
414-690-5704/call or text